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realidad aumentada de kwido

Ideable travels to Lisbon to present Kwido’s augmented reality

Blog, Evento / 19.02.2019

Ideable Solutions were in Lisbon last week at the Santa Casa Misericórdia technology fair, showing off the latest technological advances in Kwido. Attendees did in particular participate in some fun “demos” on how Kwido‘s augmented reality helps the elderly to combat cognitive dysfunctions.

With the passage of time, older people suffering from cognitive disorders may see some executive functions that affect their day-to-day life seriously damaged. We are mainly talking about alterations in memory, perception and problem solving.  With Kwido‘s augmented reality program, Ideable has developed exercises so that the elderly can use technology to strengthen their weaknesses. We also use virtual reality to combat cognitive impairment, with manual therapies that are being performed today with physical objects in day centres, care homes and memory workshops.

The main objective we pursue is to make it easier for the elderly to carry out their most routine activities. For example, one demonstration of augmented reality that the assistants carried out in Lisbon was to do some cooking. Kwido users can thus practice their cognitive functions at any time and place as if it were a game, e.g. while frying an egg.

realidad aumentada de kwido

At Ideable Solutions and Kwido we would like to express our gratitude to Santa Casa Misericordia de Lisboa for giving us the opportunity to present Kwido’s augmented reality program. We would also like to thank those attending the fair, who helped to make our games the most in-demand activities of the event.

And coming soon… Kwido in Portuguese. We continue working on our goal of making technology available to society, especially the elderly.

Santa Casa de Misericordia is a Portuguese non-profit institution that focuses its activities on social ends, especially in the areas of health, education and culture of the most disadvantaged. Since its creation at the end of the 15th century, its projects have been aimed at innovation and the promotion of initiatives in the social economy sector.

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Ideable, nominated in Europe and worldwide for Kwido in various awards for Silver Economy initiatives.

Blog / 06.03.2018

We are very proud that Ideable’s Kwido has been nominated for two of the most important international
awards for Silver Economy initiatives.

Kwido is a candidate to win one of the European Union-funded Silver Economy Awards, which promote and reward innovative and creative ideas that are beneficial to people aged 50 and over in Europe.

Ideable’s Kwido is also nominated in the SilverEco and Ageing Well International Awards, this being a worldwide competition that will be held in France this year.


Silver Economy Awards

Kwido has been selected from all the innovative solutions presented as one of the best European applications in the private organizations category.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony to be held on 3 May in Brussels organised by the European Committee of the Regions.

Developed by the SEED project funded by the European Union, the European Silver Economy Awards aim to catalyse a sustainable European digital Silver Economy movement by promoting and rewarding innovative solutions to improve the quality of life for over 50s in all areas that contribute to improving the quality of life of this group of people. These awards are a perfect opportunity to promote and strengthen the European Silver Economy.

The ceremony in Brussels where Kwido will be present will be a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with European Silver Economy leaders.

Silver eco

Silver Eco Awards

The Silver Economy Awards and Ageing Well International awards aim to bring together all international Silver Economy stakeholders for an awards event in Paris at the end of March.

In addition to the participation of an international jury, you can also support Ideable and Kwido candidacy
with online votes here.

We are very excited to have been chosen as one of the best European applications, out of thousands of others, by members of the Alliance on Demographic Change, which European public authorities committed to the Silver Economy form a part of.

These nominations are further recognition of our work, this time internationally, as to be one of the nominees we have had to satisfy the jury’s selection criteria, which were based on different features in which we beat other products and services presented:

Innovation – rewarding our efforts to create an innovative product.
Benefits – this recognizes Kwido’s positive impact and benefits in promoting environments that support active and healthy ageing, improving the independent living and well-being of the elderly, and creating a society for all ages.
Economy – the jury took into account the economic value that Kwido creates in terms of the financial aspects and resources that we have had to prove.
Maturity – the members of the jury reward the level of maturity that Kwido has achieved, both in terms of technology and in the target market.
Business model – to nominate us they have taken into account the economic sustainability that we have achieved with the Kwido business model, and the profitability we have achieved thanks to market income.
Replicability y scalability – these assess Kwido’s ability to be replicated beyond the original application and how, thanks to the benefits of that scalability in terms of processes, cost, etc., Kwido can be adapted to other cultural or geographic contexts. Kwido is a product that is already available
in Spanish, English, French, Italian and soon in Portuguese. We currently have a geographical presence in Spain, the UK and Switzerland.

That’s why we are a bit restless, as Kwido has some very important dates coming up.

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