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Ideable to participate in the AAL Forum to be held in Bilbao from 24th to 26th September

Blog, Evento / 11.09.2018

The international event AAL Forum will be held at the Euskalduna Conference Centre in Bilbao from 24th to 26th September and Ideable, currently a European benchmark in the application of technology for care of the elderly and in the design of health telemonitoring systems, just couldn’t miss it this year.

The AAL Forum, which coincides with the Silver Week that Bizkaia will dedicate to the Silver Economy sector, aims to expand the AAL community of change makers and develop more efficient systems which will allow us all – local stakeholders (municipalities, provinces, regions, health and social care providers, etc.), SMEs and the industrial sector responsible for planning tomorrow’s digital technology today – to build the services for an ageing society together.

As part of this event, Ideable will have its own stand where we will present our Kwido elderly care platform, as well as various innovations in this field that we are currently developing in the areas of cognitive stimulation, indoor and out-of-home monitoring for the elderly, virtual reality, etc.

Plano AAL Forum

Ideable stand situation

In line with the AAL Forum’s objective of creating an interactive and inspiring event based on creativity and a commitment to the AAL community, our newly developed virtual reality games for cognitive stimulation will be available to those attending the event who come to our stand.

Ideable will also participate in a variety of activities:

  • It will present zocaalo, the new international marketplace for apps available for the elderly, both at our stand and at a side event. The zocaloo workshop will take place on Wednesday, September 26 at 11:00 am in Room C Level 3 of the Euskalduna Palace.
  • Furthermore, Iñaki Bartolomé, CEO of Ideable Solutions, will participate in Workshop 10 – Growing the AAL market: ensuring effective deployment of real life solutions on Tuesday 26th at 16:00 pm. The workshop will analyse how to contribute to the market success of AAL and Silver Economy solutions.
  • In the poster section, Iñaki Bartolomé will also present the first advances of the IOANNA project on Tuesday, September 25 at 9:40 am, focused on offering geolocation products and services to the elderly from mobile phones.
  • In addition, prior to the AAL Forum, our CEO will also give a presentation about zocaalo to hackathon Hack4Elder advantAGE participants on Sunday at 11:00 am.

Ideable and AAL

AAL is a European programme to promote research into the use of technology to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

One of Ideable’s most distinctive characteristics is innovation, as it has already demonstrated in several of its projects. Examples of this are the creation of the elderly care line (Kwido), which is now a benchmark in Europe, and the digital cognitive stimulation platform (Kwido Mementia).

Ideable is very active in the Silver Economy sector and in the AAL programme, taking part at present in four different AAL projects with partners all around Europe.

And Ideable was also chosen to design the event’s website, so we couldn’t be more involved or happy for it to be a success.

Come to the event and don’t forget to visit our stand!

Zocaalo AAL2Business

Ideable will present zocaalo in the first AAL2Business Venture Academy in Vienna

Blog, Evento / 11.06.2018

Ideable will pitch zocaalo ( ) in the first AAL2Business Venture Academy (Vienna, 6 June 2018).

Ideable, in its Kwido Department, focused on eldercare and technology, is developing zocaalo with other European partners under the AAL Programme.

Ideable will be presenting zocaalo in Vienna as a marketplace of certified apps for the elderly people.

It is a way to help to build accessible and usable apps for these end-users and certify that they fulfill with the basic requirements for this sector.

What are the goals for the zocaalo marketplace?

  • To facilitate the widespread uptake of accessible and easy-to-use apps for elderly users and/or caregivers. These apps are certified as suitable for the needs and requirements of elderly people
  • To provide eldercare sector professionals with apps to adopt for helping their current services or build new ones.
  • To provide validated tools and experts for the apps developers to improve efficiency and synergetic development of apps for eldercare sector and elderly users.


In this pitch, we will also offer access to the webinar in which everyone can know more about zocaalo, and can apply with their apps for the certification process that will be for free only for some weeks during this summer.

AAL2Business is a three-year support action launched by the AAL Joint Programme. Its main objective is to help companies in their business development and commercialisation challenges related to solutions developed under AAL projects.

It offers a wide variety of support actions addressing AAL JP projects in different stages of their lifecycle: from before obtaining the funding until after the end of the project.

This session is supported by the AAL Programme. The Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Programme promotes innovative technological product ideas and services for active and healthy ageing, supporting them until they launch on the market.

Ideable will present zocaalo 6th June 2018 in Vienna

Everyone can know more about zocaalo and can apply with their apps for the certification process that will be for free only for some weeks during this summer.

Access to the webinar!

Transformación digital Ideable

Ideable is now ready for Digital Transformation and we have appointed a Commercial Director in this new division.

Blog / 24.04.2018

At Ideable, we are aware that new technologies are completely changing the behaviour of society, and they will continue to do so today, tomorrow and always.

They are transforming our lives radically and increasingly quickly, and Ideable doesn’t want to waste time, much less be left behind.

This probably isn’t the first time that you’ve heard about digital transformation, and yes of course it has to do with technology, but it goes beyond this. Having a profile on social networks or a blog, making online sales and even having a website is important, but it is not digital transformation.

It involves a process of company regeneration in all its aspects, so that a company can operate more efficiently and quickly using new technologies as the main tools.

At Ideable, we think that the first thing that companies must do before digitally transforming is to make themselves aware of the range of possibilities that will be opened up on immersing themselves in this world. They should always bear in mind that this new challenge requires continuous change – it should not just happen in the areas of marketing and communication.

Digital transformation is not only based on a technological process, but also involves a cultural transformation and above all a change within organisations.

One of Ideable’s most distinctive characteristics is innovation, as it has already demonstrated in several of its projects. Examples of this are the creation of its elderly care line (Kwido), which is now a benchmark at European level, and its cognitive stimulation digital platform (Kwido Mementia).

In 2012, Ideable took part in the Álava Yuzz programme, and was awarded the prize for best project with Kwido. At that time, Felipe Rebollo Gómez  supported us and was our tutor, participating as a mentor of initiatives in this programme.

Felipe Rebollo

Felipe Rebollo, new Commercial Director 

Owing to his knowledge in LEAN methodologies and his extensive experience in companies in his sector, such as: Cabot Corporation, Grupo Guascor, Sisteplant, Sulzer, Deusto University, Grupo Otua, and more recently at Ilunbe, Felipe understands exactly what Basque industrial companies require. Thus, he became the key element in our immersion in the new era of digital transformation.

People progress and evolve at a greater speed than organisations and right now we are moving in an environment in which our customers are, to a large extent, digital customers. These customers, who prefer to make their purchases on Amazon to going to a high street shop on foot and who use their apps to see the variety of items that each company has, move through the internet like fishes in water, and we should all make the most of this.

But Digital Transformation offers more, which Ideable is now immersed in:

  • Offering online tools to make our relationships with customers more effective (web product configurators, customer loyalty mobile apps, etc.).
  • Integrating new solutions into traditional corporate ERP to improve efficiency in the relationship with suppliers of our Purchasing Departments (order management, documentation requests, etc.).
  • Better understanding the state of production (in plant viewers), and even the allocation of hours in projects and their profitability.
  • Using new solutions for intelligent remote support to reduce costs and travelling.

Challenges motivate everybody at Ideable and to create is our passion. This is why we want Felipe to support us again, to help Ideable also become a benchmark company within the digital world in the age of Industry 4.0.-

Our time is now – digital transformation is waiting for us and will provide us with the opportunity to create new business models, which today we consider essential for developing and becoming more competitive.-

For this reason, we want to take on this challenge to rebuild companies and adapt them to present and (most importantly) future needs. We couldn’t have a better ally at Ideable than Felipe Rebollo to accompany us during this new stage, the main aim of which is to orientate Ideable’s technological solutions to the world of industry, and to cover the needs that our customers are already demanding.

In fact, some large companies such as SMC Europa, ULMA Handling and Guardian Glass have already done it, and we hope to be able to offer that same experience to the rest of Basque industry that wants to accompany us.

Welcome to the age of Digital Transformation!

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