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realidad aumentada de kwido

Ideable travels to Lisbon to present Kwido’s augmented reality

Blog, Evento / 19.02.2019

Ideable Solutions were in Lisbon last week at the Santa Casa Misericórdia technology fair, showing off the latest technological advances in Kwido. Attendees did in particular participate in some fun “demos” on how Kwido‘s augmented reality helps the elderly to combat cognitive dysfunctions.

With the passage of time, older people suffering from cognitive disorders may see some executive functions that affect their day-to-day life seriously damaged. We are mainly talking about alterations in memory, perception and problem solving.  With Kwido‘s augmented reality program, Ideable has developed exercises so that the elderly can use technology to strengthen their weaknesses. We also use virtual reality to combat cognitive impairment, with manual therapies that are being performed today with physical objects in day centres, care homes and memory workshops.

The main objective we pursue is to make it easier for the elderly to carry out their most routine activities. For example, one demonstration of augmented reality that the assistants carried out in Lisbon was to do some cooking. Kwido users can thus practice their cognitive functions at any time and place as if it were a game, e.g. while frying an egg.

realidad aumentada de kwido

At Ideable Solutions and Kwido we would like to express our gratitude to Santa Casa Misericordia de Lisboa for giving us the opportunity to present Kwido’s augmented reality program. We would also like to thank those attending the fair, who helped to make our games the most in-demand activities of the event.

And coming soon… Kwido in Portuguese. We continue working on our goal of making technology available to society, especially the elderly.

Santa Casa de Misericordia is a Portuguese non-profit institution that focuses its activities on social ends, especially in the areas of health, education and culture of the most disadvantaged. Since its creation at the end of the 15th century, its projects have been aimed at innovation and the promotion of initiatives in the social economy sector.

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¿Do you need technological support in the digital transformation processes linked to health and elderly care? We are specialists

aal info day 2019

Ideable and Kwido feature at the annual AAL Info Day 2019 in Brussels

Blog, Evento / 07.02.2019

The AAL Info Day 2019 was held in Brussels a week ago , an initiative proposed by the AAL Programme organization to present European technological proposals for improving the lives of the elderly. The call for proposals focused on the application of technology for the elderly in different areas such as health care, leisure time, or mobility and transport.

As a leading company in technology for the elderly, Ideable Solutions was invited to attend. Our CEO, Iñaki Bartolomé, participated in a networking process with professionals and organizations working in Europe in the Silver Economy sector which is booming the moment.  

Thanks to this session we will have the chance to present a project idea focused on improving mobility for the elderly. Its name is “Accessible Transport: an assistant to help elderlies’ mobility by using speech“, and it seeks to promote accessible transport for the elderly. By using an intelligent voice technology system, it will help them to move about very easily, with an extensive network of drivers specifically trained for care. The aim is to find European partners to work on this proposal and to present it at the call for proposals that the AAL Programme launches on that day.

(Use this link to access the official appearance of our CEO talking about the project)

At the same time, we also had the chance to share impressions and news about our own projects, as in the case of Kwido and Mementia. And to increase the visibility of other international projects in which we participate, such as zocaalo, PETAL, IOANNA and DAPAS.

At Ideable Solutions, we would like to thank the AAL Programme for the invitation to participate in this AAL Info Day 2019, and for giving us the opportunity to continue innovating and proposing improvements for the quality of life of our elders.

AAL PROGRAMME is a European funding programme that seeks to improve the quality of life in older age. To do this it encourages the creation of alliances between technology companies whose projects are geared towards active and healthy ageing. Since 2008 they have financed a total of 220 projects that promote different aspects such as mobility, social inclusion, accessibility for online platforms, etc.   


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Kwido, Best Senior Project at the Buber Sariak Awards

Blog / 04.01.2019

Ideable is proud to announce that we have finished the year by receiving the recognition of Best Senior Project at the Buber Sariak Awards for our health project, Kwido. It was at an event in Donostia, on 20 December, where a total of seven different prizes were awarded, all related to the use of technology in projects in the Basque Country.

Kwido is a tool that seeks to use technology to improve elderly care. At Kwido we work with telemonitoring patients, advanced telecare and home care functions. We are also working on a new version of Kwido Mementia that will see the light in the coming weeks, and with which we are seeking to extend the use of cognitive stimulation throughout society.

The Buber Sariak Awards 2018 recognised a total of 7 different categories in this year’s edition, in addition to an honorary award, which in this case was given to Lorena Fernández, director of digital identity at the University of Deusto. The other awards were included in the categories of free software, women and technology, youth, senior, industry 4.0 and citizen participation.

The Buber Sariak Awards – promoted by the Internet & Euskadi Association this year with the support of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa – saw the participation of more than 100 Internet users who chose projects from some fifty candidates. The voting process concluded with the votes of a panel of 10 judges, who tried to fairly represent the various concerns that exist in the Basque Country regarding the Internet.

Ideable and Kwido are very grateful for the recognition. We are delighted to see how the digital transformation processes we have set in motion are having a real impact on society and, in particular, on the quality of life of our seniors.

We will carry on working.

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