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Ideable will take part in AAL Forum 2019 in Denmark

Evento / 26.07.2019

Kwido and Ideable we are looking towards technological innovation in Europe again. In this occasion, the importante date will be September in Denmark, when we will participate in AAL Forum 2019.

By celebrating this new AAL Forum, the European AAL Programme carries on promoting the business opportunities’ generation around Active and Assisted Living. 

For this purpose, hundreds of European companies leading technological developments for the elderly will take part in the AAL Forum 2019. And Kwido will be one of them. 

Ideable in AAL Forum 2019: where can you find us

We will be organizing a workshop

Ideable will be leading a workshop during on the 25th September morning session. The title will be “How do we attract big private & public buyers to the AAL Solutions?” and the aim of this encounter will be to come up with differentes ideas to improve the commercialization of the AAL Projects. 

Stand with VR’ demos

On the three days of AAL Forum 2019 all visitors will be able to find us in our informative stand. We will be showing how Kwido works, and also exhibiting the latest IoT technology for health monitoring. Some privileged visitors will also have the chance to test VR serious games developed in the VirtuAAL project to improve cognitive impairment.

European’ projects


We will be talking about all the european’ projects in which we take part. We will discuss about virtual reality, frailty prevention, mobility, etc.

See you all in AAL Forum 2019 in Aarhus!


Ideable presented zocaalo during the AAL Forum 2018

Blog, Evento / 27.09.2018

Last September, the international event AAL FORUM was held at the EUSKALDUNA CONFERENCE CENTRE in Bilbao from 24th to 26th and IDEABLE, TECNALIAIHOMELAB and EXTHEX, some of the partners from zocaalo participated there.

In fact, IDEABLE and EXTHEX participated in a workshop in the AAL Forum that was organized the 26th. In that workshop, both companies described the goals of the zocaalo platform and the main aspects of the certification process, as shown in the picture below.

The most interesting points for the audience were the possibility of getting help on how to design accessible apps for the elderly users and the access to possible end-users to test those apps before being launched to the market.

The zocaalo project was also presented in the booths from some of these partners, specially in the IDEABLE’S stand in which, apart from the visible roll-up of the project, many visitors could take some of the flyers describing the project and inviting developers from the AAL community to join our certification process.

But those were not the only moments dedicated to zocaalo during AAL Forum. In the hackathon HACK4ELDER advantage that took place in Bilbao too but the weekend before AAL Forum, zocaalo was one of the sponsors.

During that hackathon, zocaalo was present in two innovation pills: one by Javier Arcas from TECNALIA, presenting some of the most important guidelines on how to design accurate apps for the elderly people, and another one by Iñaki Bartolome, from IDEABLE, presenting the zocaalo seal and its certification process.

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