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Ideable is now ready for Digital Transformation and we have appointed a Commercial Director in this new division.

Blog, Business / 24.04.2018

At Ideable, we are aware that new technologies are completely changing the behaviour of society, and they will continue to do so today, tomorrow and always.

They are transforming our lives radically and increasingly quickly, and Ideable doesn’t want to waste time, much less be left behind.

This probably isn’t the first time that you’ve heard about digital transformation, and yes of course it has to do with technology, but it goes beyond this. Having a profile on social networks or a blog, making online sales and even having a website is important, but it is not digital transformation.

It involves a process of company regeneration in all its aspects, so that a company can operate more efficiently and quickly using new technologies as the main tools.

At Ideable, we think that the first thing that companies must do before digitally transforming is to make themselves aware of the range of possibilities that will be opened up on immersing themselves in this world. They should always bear in mind that this new challenge requires continuous change – it should not just happen in the areas of marketing and communication.

Digital transformation is not only based on a technological process, but also involves a cultural transformation and above all a change within organisations.

One of Ideable’s most distinctive characteristics is innovation, as it has already demonstrated in several of its projects. Examples of this are the creation of its elderly care line (Kwido), which is now a benchmark at European level, and its cognitive stimulation digital platform (Kwido Mementia).

In 2012, Ideable took part in the Álava Yuzz programme, and was awarded the prize for best project with Kwido. At that time, Felipe Rebollo Gómez  supported us and was our tutor, participating as a mentor of initiatives in this programme.

Felipe Rebollo

Felipe Rebollo, new Commercial Director 

Owing to his knowledge in LEAN methodologies and his extensive experience in companies in his sector, such as: Cabot Corporation, Grupo Guascor, Sisteplant, Sulzer, Deusto University, Grupo Otua, and more recently at Ilunbe, Felipe understands exactly what Basque industrial companies require. Thus, he became the key element in our immersion in the new era of digital transformation.

People progress and evolve at a greater speed than organisations and right now we are moving in an environment in which our customers are, to a large extent, digital customers. These customers, who prefer to make their purchases on Amazon to going to a high street shop on foot and who use their apps to see the variety of items that each company has, move through the internet like fishes in water, and we should all make the most of this.

But Digital Transformation offers more, which Ideable is now immersed in:

  • Offering online tools to make our relationships with customers more effective (web product configurators, customer loyalty mobile apps, etc.).
  • Integrating new solutions into traditional corporate ERP to improve efficiency in the relationship with suppliers of our Purchasing Departments (order management, documentation requests, etc.).
  • Better understanding the state of production (in plant viewers), and even the allocation of hours in projects and their profitability.
  • Using new solutions for intelligent remote support to reduce costs and travelling.

Challenges motivate everybody at Ideable and to create is our passion. This is why we want Felipe to support us again, to help Ideable also become a benchmark company within the digital world in the age of Industry 4.0.-

Our time is now – digital transformation is waiting for us and will provide us with the opportunity to create new business models, which today we consider essential for developing and becoming more competitive.-

For this reason, we want to take on this challenge to rebuild companies and adapt them to present and (most importantly) future needs. We couldn’t have a better ally at Ideable than Felipe Rebollo to accompany us during this new stage, the main aim of which is to orientate Ideable’s technological solutions to the world of industry, and to cover the needs that our customers are already demanding.

In fact, some large companies such as SMC Europa, ULMA Handling and Guardian Glass have already done it, and we hope to be able to offer that same experience to the rest of Basque industry that wants to accompany us.

Welcome to the age of Digital Transformation!

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