Ideable will take part in AAL Forum 2019 in Denmark

Evento / 26.07.2019

Kwido and Ideable we are looking towards technological innovation in Europe again. In this occasion, the importante date will be September in Denmark, when we will participate in AAL Forum 2019.

By celebrating this new AAL Forum, the European AAL Programme carries on promoting the business opportunities’ generation around Active and Assisted Living. 

For this purpose, hundreds of European companies leading technological developments for the elderly will take part in the AAL Forum 2019. And Kwido will be one of them. 

Ideable in AAL Forum 2019: where can you find us

We will be organizing a workshop

Ideable will be leading a workshop during on the 25th September morning session. The title will be “How do we attract big private & public buyers to the AAL Solutions?” and the aim of this encounter will be to come up with differentes ideas to improve the commercialization of the AAL Projects. 

Stand with VR’ demos

On the three days of AAL Forum 2019 all visitors will be able to find us in our informative stand. We will be showing how Kwido works, and also exhibiting the latest IoT technology for health monitoring. Some privileged visitors will also have the chance to test VR serious games developed in the VirtuAAL project to improve cognitive impairment.

European’ projects


We will be talking about all the european’ projects in which we take part. We will discuss about virtual reality, frailty prevention, mobility, etc.

See you all in AAL Forum 2019 in Aarhus!

realidad aumentada de kwido

Ideable travels to Lisbon to present Kwido’s augmented reality

Blog, Evento / 19.02.2019

Ideable Solutions were in Lisbon last week at the Santa Casa Misericórdia technology fair, showing off the latest technological advances in Kwido. Attendees did in particular participate in some fun “demos” on how Kwido‘s augmented reality helps the elderly to combat cognitive dysfunctions.

With the passage of time, older people suffering from cognitive disorders may see some executive functions that affect their day-to-day life seriously damaged. We are mainly talking about alterations in memory, perception and problem solving.  With Kwido‘s augmented reality program, Ideable has developed exercises so that the elderly can use technology to strengthen their weaknesses. We also use virtual reality to combat cognitive impairment, with manual therapies that are being performed today with physical objects in day centres, care homes and memory workshops.

The main objective we pursue is to make it easier for the elderly to carry out their most routine activities. For example, one demonstration of augmented reality that the assistants carried out in Lisbon was to do some cooking. Kwido users can thus practice their cognitive functions at any time and place as if it were a game, e.g. while frying an egg.

realidad aumentada de kwido

At Ideable Solutions and Kwido we would like to express our gratitude to Santa Casa Misericordia de Lisboa for giving us the opportunity to present Kwido’s augmented reality program. We would also like to thank those attending the fair, who helped to make our games the most in-demand activities of the event.

And coming soon… Kwido in Portuguese. We continue working on our goal of making technology available to society, especially the elderly.

Santa Casa de Misericordia is a Portuguese non-profit institution that focuses its activities on social ends, especially in the areas of health, education and culture of the most disadvantaged. Since its creation at the end of the 15th century, its projects have been aimed at innovation and the promotion of initiatives in the social economy sector.

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¿Do you need technological support in the digital transformation processes linked to health and elderly care? We are specialists

aal info day 2019

Ideable and Kwido feature at the annual AAL Info Day 2019 in Brussels

Blog, Evento / 07.02.2019

The AAL Info Day 2019 was held in Brussels a week ago , an initiative proposed by the AAL Programme organization to present European technological proposals for improving the lives of the elderly. The call for proposals focused on the application of technology for the elderly in different areas such as health care, leisure time, or mobility and transport.

As a leading company in technology for the elderly, Ideable Solutions was invited to attend. Our CEO, Iñaki Bartolomé, participated in a networking process with professionals and organizations working in Europe in the Silver Economy sector which is booming the moment.  

Thanks to this session we will have the chance to present a project idea focused on improving mobility for the elderly. Its name is “Accessible Transport: an assistant to help elderlies’ mobility by using speech“, and it seeks to promote accessible transport for the elderly. By using an intelligent voice technology system, it will help them to move about very easily, with an extensive network of drivers specifically trained for care. The aim is to find European partners to work on this proposal and to present it at the call for proposals that the AAL Programme launches on that day.

(Use this link to access the official appearance of our CEO talking about the project)

At the same time, we also had the chance to share impressions and news about our own projects, as in the case of Kwido and Mementia. And to increase the visibility of other international projects in which we participate, such as zocaalo, PETAL, IOANNA and DAPAS.

At Ideable Solutions, we would like to thank the AAL Programme for the invitation to participate in this AAL Info Day 2019, and for giving us the opportunity to continue innovating and proposing improvements for the quality of life of our elders.

AAL PROGRAMME is a European funding programme that seeks to improve the quality of life in older age. To do this it encourages the creation of alliances between technology companies whose projects are geared towards active and healthy ageing. Since 2008 they have financed a total of 220 projects that promote different aspects such as mobility, social inclusion, accessibility for online platforms, etc.   


Do you need technological support in the digital transformation processes linked to health and elderly care? We are specialists.

You can contact us in: +34 946 41 44 47 or info@kwido.com


Kwido, Best Senior Project at the Buber Sariak Awards

Blog / 04.01.2019

Ideable is proud to announce that we have finished the year by receiving the recognition of Best Senior Project at the Buber Sariak Awards for our health project, Kwido. It was at an event in Donostia, on 20 December, where a total of seven different prizes were awarded, all related to the use of technology in projects in the Basque Country.

Kwido is a tool that seeks to use technology to improve elderly care. At Kwido we work with telemonitoring patients, advanced telecare and home care functions. We are also working on a new version of Kwido Mementia that will see the light in the coming weeks, and with which we are seeking to extend the use of cognitive stimulation throughout society.

The Buber Sariak Awards 2018 recognised a total of 7 different categories in this year’s edition, in addition to an honorary award, which in this case was given to Lorena Fernández, director of digital identity at the University of Deusto. The other awards were included in the categories of free software, women and technology, youth, senior, industry 4.0 and citizen participation.

The Buber Sariak Awards – promoted by the Internet & Euskadi Association this year with the support of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa – saw the participation of more than 100 Internet users who chose projects from some fifty candidates. The voting process concluded with the votes of a panel of 10 judges, who tried to fairly represent the various concerns that exist in the Basque Country regarding the Internet.

Ideable and Kwido are very grateful for the recognition. We are delighted to see how the digital transformation processes we have set in motion are having a real impact on society and, in particular, on the quality of life of our seniors.

We will carry on working.

ict4silver workshop ideable

Ideable participates in the ICT4SILVER european workshop on local SME development experiences

Blog, Evento / 30.11.2018

The next ICT4SILVER workshop will receive testimonials from local companies and organisations on the development of Silver Economy related products in Europe.

Entitled “SME experiences when testing their products/services in transnational markets”, a new workshop will be held on Tuesday 4 December, open to the public at the Gaia headquarters in Bilbao. The event, which you can attend after registering, will try to bring together the experiences of several local companies that develop products and services, including Ideable, in order to respond to the needs of the European Silver Economy market.

Four organisations and projects have joined forces in organising this workshop. On the one hand, the European project ICT4SILVER, which was founded in 2016 with the aim of applying technological innovation in the ageing process, within the framework of southwest Europe.

Another major stakeholder in the combo is the GAIA Electronic and Information Technology Cluster in the Basque Country, which will share with attendees several of their success stories, as is the case of Ideable with Kwido.

To close the loop, Grupo SSI is participating with its innovation division, Home Care Lab, in addition to the Basque Country’s leading technology corporation, Tecnalia.

The aims of the ICT4SILVER workshop are to present the project to the attendees, and to give examples of the support provided to participating stakeholders in the form of pilot projects and living labs. Following the presentation of testimonials, we will discuss the methodologies used, the support received by the project and the identification of possible improvements for the future.

Ideable will focus on Kwido, as one of the solutions selected to be tested in real environments in different European countries. The tests have focused on remote health monitoring functionalities, part of telemedicine services, and the pilot tests have been carried out at the Agence de Développement et d’Innovation de la Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France) and Santa Casa Da Misericórdia Barcelos (Portugal) organisations.

To do this, Kwido has adapted to different versions and languages for the testing process in its international expansion, in order to achieve the same success that it already has in the national market.

EVENT INFORMATION: “SME experiences when testing their products/services in transnational markets”

 📍 Place: Bilbao.  Edificio del Ensanche, Aula 1A, Plaza del Ensanche, Bilbao.

📅 Date and time: Tuesday, 4 December at 09:30am.

📝 Registration here.

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Interview with Iñaki Bartolomé, CEO at Ideable, on Cadena Ser

Blog, Evento, Sala de prensa / 13.11.2018

This week we have been on the air again, specifically on the Cadena Ser programme “De las Ondas a la Red”, talking about the importance of the Silver Economy and ambitious social projects such as zocaalo and IOANNA. 


Our CEO, Iñaki Bartolomé, had an interesting chat with “Hoy por Hoy Bilbao” journalist, Azul Tejerina, in which the potential of a platform such as zocaalo was explained, as well as the importance of using new technologies to promote the active ageing of the elderly.

Here is the transcript of the full interview, which took place on Monday 12th November. If you prefer, you can listen to the recording by clicking on the following link:



CADENA SER: Iñaki Bartolomé, CEO of Ideable, is here with us. Hi Iñaki, how are you?

Today I’m here to present a programme that, if in the first part we were talking about European Consortiums for improving gene health and prognoses, in this case it is also Europe that is knocking on the door of something that is, shall we say, your child; it’s called zocaalo and it is already well established. Look it up if you’re in front of your phone or computer because we are very interested in how to improve the quality of life of the elderly, and that also has a lot to do with you, the guys at Ideable.

How’s the project going, Iñaki?

IÑAKI BARTOLOMÉ: Well, zocaalo is a project that emerged from the AAL programme. Just a few weeks ago the AAL Forum took place in Bilbao, making Bilbao the centre of European attention for everything to do with technology for improving the quality of life of the elderly.

Companies from across Europe take part in this programme with the common goal of using technology to improve the quality of life of the elderly, with the challenge we all have in mind: there are more and more elderly people, they must be looked after and technology must be an ally in this challenge.

CS: Sure, we’re talking about the elderly, but we’re also talking about the people around the elderly. There are an increasing number of people who are over 60, who keep up with the times and have smartphones, but the people who accompany them can also access zocaalo.

What can we find there, if we google it and go to it as we have in the program?

IB: Right now there’s a web portal where we can firstly find apps that have already been certified to be used by the elderly because of their design. They have a variety of tools and controls for phones and tablets which make it easier for the elderly to use them. How do you achieve this? What we do on the portal is offer style guides, and even a code for how to develop applications; we offer help to design these apps.

Companies and organisations that work with the elderly also participate. So, within the consortium there’s a Spanish company, from Madrid, and another Italian organisation, both of which give the elderly a voice in the design of this platform.

“There are more and more elderly people, they must be looked after and technology must be an ally in this challenge”.

CS: It’s very important to know how to listen to them and interpret how they can be helped. For example, in this case, which institutions are being supported? which one is behind it?

IB: There are different countries that are participating in the AAL programme and, in this case, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia has been working with it for some years now. This is also the reason that Bilbao hosted the AAL Forum a few weeks ago at the Euskalduna Conference Centre. So it is doing a very interesting job for companies in the Basque Country that, within the R&D field, are working with the elderly and technology so that we can have this international collaboration. And also for the actual companies and organisations that work directly with the elderly.

CS: Let me give you an example, which is also simple, because we are a local programme and we have a local focus. We have found this space easily: you can find hairdressers, beauty salons, home help services, shops that deliver the shopping for elderly people. Everything is possible here. We don’t want anybody to think this is only about nursing or healthcare…

IB: Of course. In fact, at the end of the day the Silver Economy isn’t only about monitoring health or cognitive stimulation. As part of IOANNA, another of the projects that we have now begun to work on in Europe, what we want to build is a network of specific products and services for the elderly. It has a two goals, firstly, for those people who perhaps can’t leave their home easily but still say “I want to look good and want the hairdresser to come round”, or “I need a chiropodist that comes to my home”, we offer these services that they can receive at home. And secondly, supporting local businesses, which we know are currently having serious problems competing with Amazon or large stores. Yet the elderly are still loyal customers for these local businesses. Of course, you have to know how to stand out and offer specific services for them, such as delivering fruit to their home, or what we were saying before about the hairdresser, the chiropodist or a dentist.

CS: That way we would avoid the “I haven’t seen him around here for a long time…”, which is very common in local shops.

IB: That “active listening” that is being talked about in communities. Well he doesn’t leave the house much but we’re delivering fruit to him every few days, or going to give her a makeover… So here we’re also trying to build a European platform where we put the elderly in touch with these local businesses and shops.

CS: This is called I-O-A-N-N-A. What stage is it at? Will it be up and running soon

IB: The project began this year. European projects are usually long because, firstly, we have to define how we are going to do it, we have to cooperate with companies that work with the elderly, in addition to the elderly themselves. And then we have to pilot it. IOANNA is actually going to be piloted initially in Romania and Cyprus and, based on the results, we will try to promote it in Europe. It’s the same as what happened with zocaalo, which is a project that is now ending on 31st December.

“We’re also trying to build a European platform where we put the elderly in touch with these local businesses and shops”.

CS: It is important to distinguish between them: zocaalo on the one hand and IOANNA on the other hand. Let’s go back to zocaalo. Logging on to zocaalo, in the Marketplace I can see: SOS Deiak, Activi

This Marketplace includes all the applications that have been uploaded and that you have certified?

IB: That’s right. Some are international, and there are a few, like Kwido, that we have developed at Ideable, which we have designed right from the start with the intention of providing accessibility and usability for the elderly.

So, the challenge now is above all for companies developing these programs to go through this process of certification with two aims: to make it clearer, firstly, how apps are designed for the elderly, and secondly, how the apps can be used.

CS: I have the feeling that all of this is here to stay, but those who don’t have access to it should pay attention, because it’s going to be necessary, and we will have to get people on our side. When we say: I don’t know where to find it, I don’t know what I can do… elderly care, health and fitness, productivity, communication, sports, society, travel and guides…All of it can be found here; I understand that all of these categories are growing, right Iñaki?

IB: Yes, we also try to provide help to these groups because in Google Play or in the App Store there are indeed millions of apps, so it is difficult to look for the one that has the best quality. In this case we also try to do this task, and it was created with this objective. Right now we are taking the first steps, but the first steps in a project that is ending and is being launched on the market.

CS: You have some apps which are free, but I have to point out that you have others that are not. Mementia, for example, isn’t.

IB: Yes, some of them do in fact have a small cost. For example, cognitive stimulation, mainly for professionals, has a small cost. But we also try to inform people of this, as much as possible.

“In Google Play or in the App Store there are indeed millions of apps, so it is difficult to look for the one that has the best quality”.

CS: People are informed. In this case it’s 50 euros, but not in the other cases. For example: BusBahnBim. I don’t even know how to pronounce it! It’s about travel, isn’t it?

IB: Yes, it’s an app from another country related to mobility.

CS: Well, there’s a bit of everything, but there’s still more. If someone’s listening and has an idea for an app which is related to the Silver Economy or old age: can they come and upload it?

IB: Of course. They can come and register. What’s more, since we’re still part of the AAL programme this year, it’s free to register and upload an app, certify it, etc. So you should make the most of it before the 31st of December.

CS: Iñaki Bartolomé, CEO of Ideable, we’ll let you get back to work. Thanks for meeting the listeners of Hoy por Hoy Bilbao.

IB: Thank you

You can find out more about the zocaalo and IOANNA projects on their respective websites: zocaalo.eu and ioanna-project.eu.


Ideable Breakfast: round table on industry in the digital age

Blog, Evento / 06.11.2018

Over the course of 2018 Ideable Solutions has held several breakfasts to share technological space and networking coffee. 

This time the Ideable Breakfast on 27th November changes its format to a round table to discuss the situation of our industry in the digital age.

We are celebrating the end of the year for Ideable Breakfasts by changing its format to allow various managers from industrial companies to discuss the reality of the industry and its progress towards digitization.

Is there a 4.0 bubble? Are real savings being made thanks to automation/robotization?

We will try to shed light on the possibilities that technology offers the industry with the help of representatives from the industrial world:

  • Elena Guede Vazquez (Plant Manager at Cementos Lemona),
  • Xabier Uriagereka Pastor (Innovation Manager at I3S),
  • José Ramón Ribate Riaño (Operations Manager at Ilunbe),
  • Xabier Sabalza Laskurain (ex-Manager of Industry 4.0 at Lortek),
  • Francisco García (Area Manager at GE-Opertek),
  • Galder Vizcaya Ugarte (Industrial Manager at ZIV Automation),
  • Enrique Paramá (Marketing Manager at Lantek),
  • Elias Unzueta Etxeita (Innovation Manager at Petronor).

The round table will be moderated by Luis Blanco Urgoiti (General Secretary of Aveq-Kimika).

As well as the questions posed by the moderator, we also hope that the audience will ask the speakers some questions.

The idea for this session arose from the need to create a space for reflection. It is clear that Digital Transformation is becoming increasingly present throughout our industrial world, but it gives rise to great doubts (speed of advances and extent), as well as inconsistencies between industries, and even within companies in the same industry.

We also hope that this round table will clarify whether it is true that there is no alternative to this technological tsunami which will significantly change the way things are done (new business models). We will even be able to find out about needs in terms of human resource skills/capacities.

This round table will take place the day after Ideable participates with its own stand at “Basque Industry 4.0: Meeting point” organized by SPRI in Bilbao.

Prior to this, on 20th November, Ideable is taking part in another round table, with the industry focussing on ‘Does Digital Transformation Exist?’, organised by the Official Association of Engineering Graduates and Industrial Engineers of Bizkaia to reflect on what Digital Transformation implies for the industry.

Later, on 29th November, Ideable and Alegi Team are then organizing another session with the name ‘Active Ageing and Technology’ to give visibility to the elderly and technology.

This breakfast closes the 2018 Ideable Breakfast programme, in which we have had the chance to involve relevant external stakeholders in the technology adoption process. We have also been able to share concerns with our customers and friends about a constantly and infinitely changing world.

The practical information for this event is as follows:

Ideable Breakfast: Round Table on Industry in the Digital Age

Place: Bilbao, BEAZ Bizkaia, Sabino Arana 8, 48013 Bilbao

Date and time: 27th November 2018, 9 am.


  • 9:00 Arrival of participants
  • 9:10 Introduction of the speakers and questions from the moderator
  • 9:45 Audience questions to the speakers
  • 10:00 End of session and networking coffee

Ideable invited to participate in Basque Industry Meeting point 4.0

Blog, Business, Evento / 18.10.2018

The fifth edition of Basque Industry 4.0, The Meeting Point 2018, will take place next Monday 26th November at the Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao. It is organised by the Basque Government’s Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures through the SPRI Group.

Ideable will have its own stand in the exhibition area and will present the new Field Vision system at this event. This system develops and defines new ways of offering value-added services to sectors linked to Industry 4.0, based on new concepts made possible by the technology that supports digital transformation.


At the event we will demonstrate how Field Vision technology, supported by advanced technological developments, can bring new capabilities to companies in Industry 4.0.

Field Vision is based on video calls and augmented reality to provide field technicians and customers with immediate online support from local offices using just a simple mobile phone, tablet or HoloLens glasses. For example, technicians in local facilities offer guidance from their own device to others who are working remotely in any other plant, even in another country; as such, they only need to receive a video call.

It allows incident analysis to be simply and immediately provided for machinery, open air, equipment, etc., detecting any problem quickly and efficiently.

Using these technologies, incidents can be solved and support provided more efficiently and in much less time. This means that the relevant information in our support system goes directly where the most powerful resources are, with huge cost reductions.

The premise is simple: transform data into valuable information that helps with decision making.

The objective of Field Vision: providing service and support to avoid losses in availability at expensive facilities, long start-up times and inconvenient journeys, as well as providing remote supervision of teams or planning/scheduling of maintenance tasks. These technologies are also integrated in ticketing systems, CRM systems or other corporate solutions.


The event focuses on EICT (electronics, information and communication technology) tools as a means for optimizing industrial processes. Intelligent tools to support design, development, production, logistics and integrated manufacturing management.

After four editions with increasing participation, this event has become the meeting point which annually gathers all the key stakeholders of this new industrial revolution. The Basque Country is in this way establishing itself as a leading region worldwide in exploiting the potential of new technologies in manufacturing processes, Industry 4.0. In addition, the event combines first-rate speeches, the presentation of case studies, workshops, interviews, round tables, exhibitions and a demonstration area.

You still have time if you’d like to sign up, you can do it here.


Ideable presented zocaalo during the AAL Forum 2018

Blog, Evento / 27.09.2018

Last September, the international event AAL FORUM was held at the EUSKALDUNA CONFERENCE CENTRE in Bilbao from 24th to 26th and IDEABLE, TECNALIAIHOMELAB and EXTHEX, some of the partners from zocaalo participated there.

In fact, IDEABLE and EXTHEX participated in a workshop in the AAL Forum that was organized the 26th. In that workshop, both companies described the goals of the zocaalo platform and the main aspects of the certification process, as shown in the picture below.

The most interesting points for the audience were the possibility of getting help on how to design accessible apps for the elderly users and the access to possible end-users to test those apps before being launched to the market.

The zocaalo project was also presented in the booths from some of these partners, specially in the IDEABLE’S stand in which, apart from the visible roll-up of the project, many visitors could take some of the flyers describing the project and inviting developers from the AAL community to join our certification process.

But those were not the only moments dedicated to zocaalo during AAL Forum. In the hackathon HACK4ELDER advantage that took place in Bilbao too but the weekend before AAL Forum, zocaalo was one of the sponsors.

During that hackathon, zocaalo was present in two innovation pills: one by Javier Arcas from TECNALIA, presenting some of the most important guidelines on how to design accurate apps for the elderly people, and another one by Iñaki Bartolome, from IDEABLE, presenting the zocaalo seal and its certification process.


Ideable to participate in the AAL Forum to be held in Bilbao from 24th to 26th September

Blog, Evento / 11.09.2018

The international event AAL Forum will be held at the Euskalduna Conference Centre in Bilbao from 24th to 26th September and Ideable, currently a European benchmark in the application of technology for care of the elderly and in the design of health telemonitoring systems, just couldn’t miss it this year.

The AAL Forum, which coincides with the Silver Week that Bizkaia will dedicate to the Silver Economy sector, aims to expand the AAL community of change makers and develop more efficient systems which will allow us all – local stakeholders (municipalities, provinces, regions, health and social care providers, etc.), SMEs and the industrial sector responsible for planning tomorrow’s digital technology today – to build the services for an ageing society together.

As part of this event, Ideable will have its own stand where we will present our Kwido elderly care platform, as well as various innovations in this field that we are currently developing in the areas of cognitive stimulation, indoor and out-of-home monitoring for the elderly, virtual reality, etc.

Plano AAL Forum

Ideable stand situation

In line with the AAL Forum’s objective of creating an interactive and inspiring event based on creativity and a commitment to the AAL community, our newly developed virtual reality games for cognitive stimulation will be available to those attending the event who come to our stand.

Ideable will also participate in a variety of activities:

  • It will present zocaalo, the new international marketplace for apps available for the elderly, both at our stand and at a side event. The zocaloo workshop will take place on Wednesday, September 26 at 11:00 am in Room C Level 3 of the Euskalduna Palace.
  • Furthermore, Iñaki Bartolomé, CEO of Ideable Solutions, will participate in Workshop 10 – Growing the AAL market: ensuring effective deployment of real life solutions on Tuesday 26th at 16:00 pm. The workshop will analyse how to contribute to the market success of AAL and Silver Economy solutions.
  • In the poster section, Iñaki Bartolomé will also present the first advances of the IOANNA project on Tuesday, September 25 at 9:40 am, focused on offering geolocation products and services to the elderly from mobile phones.
  • In addition, prior to the AAL Forum, our CEO will also give a presentation about zocaalo to hackathon Hack4Elder advantAGE participants on Sunday at 11:00 am.

Ideable and AAL

AAL is a European programme to promote research into the use of technology to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

One of Ideable’s most distinctive characteristics is innovation, as it has already demonstrated in several of its projects. Examples of this are the creation of the elderly care line (Kwido), which is now a benchmark in Europe, and the digital cognitive stimulation platform (Kwido Mementia).

Ideable is very active in the Silver Economy sector and in the AAL programme, taking part at present in four different AAL projects with partners all around Europe.

And Ideable was also chosen to design the event’s website, so we couldn’t be more involved or happy for it to be a success.

Come to the event and don’t forget to visit our stand!

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