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Transformación digital Ideable

Ideable is now ready for Digital Transformation and we have appointed a Commercial Director in this new division.

Blog / 24.04.2018

At Ideable, we are aware that new technologies are completely changing the behaviour of society, and they will continue to do so today, tomorrow and always.

They are transforming our lives radically and increasingly quickly, and Ideable doesn’t want to waste time, much less be left behind.

This probably isn’t the first time that you’ve heard about digital transformation, and yes of course it has to do with technology, but it goes beyond this. Having a profile on social networks or a blog, making online sales and even having a website is important, but it is not digital transformation.

Visita Cónsul Británico a Ideable

The new United Kingdom Consul visits Ideable

Blog / 18.04.2018

Following his first official visit to Bilbao Council, Nick Greenwood, the recently appointed British Consul in Bilbao, was received at the new Ideable facilities.

Last Wednesday, 11 April, a delegation from the United Kingdom Consulate in Bilbao visited the new Ideable facilities in Barakaldo. The delegation was headed by the recently appointed Honorary Consul in Bilbao, Mr Nick Greenwood, who was accompanied by Maria Fitzpatrick, Trade and Investment adviser and Consular attaché.

VR Demo

Virtual reality for cognitive stimulation

Blog / 17.04.2018

Kwido meets seniors to test new virtual reality technologies for cognitive stimulation


Last year, the SSI Group carried out a study on the Kwido Mementia platform for 6 months, obtaining very positive results and demonstrating that the platform could be very useful for combating cognitive impairment, both professionally and for more personal and domestic use.

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